Success at THE RINK
in  2019 . 

"120 players in his division, 6 teams, 18 goalies (3 per team) so each only play 1 period - still was named MVP - Very Proud!"
(father of 18 yr old AAA goalie, participating in the Elite Edge Hockey Camp) 

"My wife and I have been working with Kim for 2 years and he is fully invested in his nutrition planning and execution. We don't worry when he goes out on his own because he understands not only the what but the why that goes along with it. The demands he puts on himself and his training are far beyond the average player or teenager. If you want to be the best, train like the best, work like the best, and most of all - eat like the best."

Applications are being accepted  for THE RINK.  Discover how to increase Speed and Stamina in 2019 when you join THE RINK, an online coaching and education community for elite youth ice hockey players. 

Membership includes a personalized meal plan and 1 on 1 support from me via email and in the Private Facebook group, where you can ask questions 24/7.   

What You Get When you Join THE RINK

Downloadable Handouts and workbooks in THE RINK

  1. THE RINK  Math Worksheet to determine protein Requirements for _____________________ (skater’s name)
  2. 21 Days to Increased Speed and Stamina 3 Week Meal Plan and 21 Day Workbook
  3. 5 Day Fat Cutting Meal Plan for Skaters 15-18 years of age. (used to help an elite youth ice hockey player decrease his body fat percentage before the USHL combines.
  4. Handout: 7 Nutrients to Aid in Healing Your Body during Recovery from an Injury
  5. A Hockey Parent’s Tournament Winning Preparation Guide Print this out on Monday the week you are preparing for your weekend games
  6. Tournament Winner Success Workbook Plan to Win By Preparing to Win
  7. 2 Weeks of Hockey Strong Meals and Snack ebook
  8. New video trainings will be posted during the Winter session

Video Trainings on:

  1. Carbohydrates – 2 videos
  2. Protein- 2 videos
  3. Fats- 2 videos
  4. Vitamin C
  5. B Vitamins
  6. Label reading
  7. Short trainings on a variety of topics to aid in optimum performance
  8. Parents in THE RINK love that they can ask questions in the group and I will answer them.  On their time.

Plus do you have a question like this one I received from a hockey dad in THE RINK tonight?
Hi Kim, What information can I get to you about my son and helping him add some muscle and weight over the summer?  There is a hockey camp coming up and practice is all day 9 - 4 pm (4 day camp)

A personalized meal plan and meal planning guidance for camps, games and tryouts  is included.