"My wife and I have been working with Kim for 2 years and he is fully invested in his nutrition planning and execution. We don't worry when he goes out on his own because he understands not only the what but the why that goes along with it. The demands he puts on himself and his training are far beyond the average player or teenager." 

​​​​​​​"We really leaned on Kim in the first couple of years and she has remained a part of his nutritional health ever since. Remember; your skaters nutritional needs change every season as they grow physically and as their workload increases and get more Time On Ice! Don't think you know you it all after a few talks or even after a single season. Kim will stick it out with you! Trust me from experience. My son went from B (lower A in MD) to Jrs in 4 seasons working hard. And you can not work that hard if you don't feed your body correctly. The best on and off ice training is useless if you don't look at the nutritional and psychological side of your game."

"If you want to be the best, train like the best, work like the best, and most of all - eat like the best." 

Membership in THE RINK will provide you with a clear step by step path the tools, resources and information you need to take your skater's hockey performance to the next level. 

The trainings are created to be simple, straight forward and provide you with actions you can take right after you finish watching the training. 

The 3rd week of each month there will be a Live Q and A session.     If  your schedule conflicts with the time of the session,  submit your question before the Q and A and it will be answered on the call.   The recordings for these sessions will be uploaded to THE RINK's membership site. 

 Fall membership includes:

Access to 2 youth ice hockey nutrition trainings a month.  The trainings are accessible 24/7 to fit your busy schedule. 

Membership in THE RINK includes: 
 1. A 3 day food log assessment of how your skater is currently eating (value $275)
2. A Meal Plan Template to use throughout the fall to help you organize meals and snacks. (value $275)
3. 1 private coaching call a month ($value $275) 
4. 1 tournament plan a month. (Value $275)
5.  Access to the trainings modules posted in THE RINK which will teach you how to become your skater's Hockey Nutritionist. ($value $497) 
Total value for this group coaching program is $1607 ​​​​​​​

The tuition for the Fall season, late August - December,  in THE RINK is $497 

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